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27th August 2012

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Craft Club at Turner Contemporary

The last Saturday of every month is Craft Club at Turner Contemporary in Margate.  We have been running this every month since January 2012.

I usually focus on teaching pegloom weaving but I also enjoy teaching finger knitting, knitting and stitching.  Other volunteers teach crochet (Sally) knitting (Sally and Maggie) and needle-felting (Gai).  On Saturday I was very pleased to see one of our new participants using the looms to start weaving in different directions (top pic).  It was great to teach casting on and knitting on extreme needles (bottom left) and finger knitting (right).  Participants had great fun!

There is no Craft Club in September as there will be an exhibition changeover but we are looking forward to the next Craft Club on 27 October.

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